Lawyers lack soft skills

Networking is a key skill in every lawyers toolbox. It is a great way to meet new contacts, get your firms name out there and hopefully strike up some new business. Before I started with Mullis & Peake I had done very little and so was quite nervous when I first started attending the events.

Thankfully, all fee earners recently had some networking training provided. They covered methods of getting into a conversation, as well as ways of getting out! The session finished with everyone giving and receiving compliments, which ended the training on a high. Now I am full of confidence and actually enjoy approaching new people.

I attend a wide variety of events, morning, lunch and evening, sit down meals and casual chats at the bar. Aside from selling myself, and Mullis & Peake of course, it is actually most interesting hearing about other people’s backgrounds. As I am so early on in my legal career I am of the firm opinion that there is much to be learnt from other professionals.

I have also been setting myself targets to swap cards with, say five people, and that way the competitive streak in me always tries to talk to more people. But it isn’t just about chatting to as many people as possible. Clients will only use a firm of solicitors that they trust. Networking helps to build this trust and puts a face to the legal services we are providing.

I have recently been attending a small breakfast networking group and on my first time I was completely ambushed by the fact I had to give a brief 2 minute speech about what Mullis & Peake do. With hindsight it is probably best that I didn’t know about it as I would have worried too much before! But, I have been invited back so hopefully it went down well!