Starting out at Mullis & Peake

After finishing my Law Degree at University of Portsmouth and completing my LPC at the University of Law, Bloomsbury in 2014, I was eager to begin my career in Law. 

During my LPC I tried very hard to find opportunities and ultimately get a training contract. After three months of intensive work experience in various law firms I landed the exciting opportunity to work as a Paralegal in the commercial department here at Mullis & Peake, moving specifically into commercial property. 

Having grown up in Essex and attending school in Brentwood, Mullis & Peake was my goal firm with its ideal location on the edge of London, and huge variety of services and departments for me to expand my knowledge and experiences from.  

When I started work as a Paralegal, I was obviously nervous – as everyone is starting out in a new job. I was fortunate to be working alongside the firm’s Chairman, Peter Connell and I was surprised at how quickly I settled in and found my feet. The department were so welcoming and had a great team spirit. 

I was initially given structured tasks, and this helped me gain a good insight into commercial property. Along with the help of my senior colleagues, who provided consistent feedback to my work, I managed to get involved in the cases and with the clients straightaway. Fortunately Mullis & Peake’s commercial clients know exactly what they want, what kind of service they expect and the potential costs, and this was what I endeavoured to deliver. 

One of the biggest challenges to commercial property was the billing process, believe it or not! For most cases a cost estimate is provided at the start. As a client’s case progresses however, we need to make them aware of any potential changes to costs. There is definitely an element of trust that grows with the client during this progress, and as I became more confident and secure with my estimations, I could appreciate and enjoy the relationship that naturally develops, allowing the work to be much more rewarding.