New year new seat

I have now moved into my final seat back in the Commercial department of Mullis & Peake LLP. It feels like only two minutes ago that I first started here whilst in reality it was almost 18 months ago! That means I have just over 6 months left until I am a qualified solicitor – scary!

Moving into a new seat is always a daunting process as you leave behind the comfort of your previous department and knowledge of the processes and clients to begin something unknown. Even though I had already spent 6 months in the Commercial department previously I still felt like a fish out of water.

I am focusing on Commercial Property, assisting the other fee earners with various tasks such as Land Registry registrations, drafting exercises and title investigations. I have now settled in and am thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the work. 

It took me a little while to get back into the swing of things as commercial clients are entirely different to private individual clients. Luckily I have been given direct client contact which helped with the transition. Commercial clients are often sophisticated users of legal services and therefore expect a personalised service from us as professionals. We are required to know them and their business, and their business needs. However it is necessary to build up a rapport and relationship with these clients and therefore I am able to use my skills gained in personal injury.   

Additionally over the Christmas break I moved into a new flat. Along with the excitement of a new home I was able to discover what it is like to be a conveyancing client! You love the flat, and want to move in but you also require the documents to be in order and for it to be on favourable or equal terms. Ultimately this will only assist the service I provide. For now though I must crack on with my work instead of thinking about how I am going to up-cycle my furniture!