Boosting Team Morale

Wherever you work, in whatever sector, high morale amongst staff will always create a more productive working environment. Aside from the fact that this will inevitably lead to more success it makes for a pleasant and enjoyable time at work for employees.

Employees who are disengaged are less efficient, miss more workdays and will cost their employers significant sums in lost productivity.     

Mullis & Peake are always striving to boost team morale and to create a ‘team spirit’ amongst staff. The working environment is positive, friendly, welcoming and supportive. For me this is a perfect atmosphere for my training contract as I have received support at all levels and really feel part of the team.  

Mullis & Peake celebrate and congratulate people that have gone above and beyond and who have genuinely impressed other members of staff by awarding Employee of the Month. The winner gets a prize, such as a bottle of Champagne to enjoy! Giving this type of recognition really boosts morale across the whole company.  

We also have a variety of events across the company. Last week we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday with strawberries and cream. The whole of the office gathered in the boardroom and it was a great opportunity to catch up with people you don’t see every day and it put a smile of everyone’s face!  

Mullis & Peake also welcome any innovations from staff members through a specific ‘Innovation Inbox’. This type of staff involvement is really positive as people feel invested in the company. One of the various good ideas that have been implemented is the new starter’s lunch. When a new person is hired Mullis & Peake contribute towards their department taking them for lunch. This is a great way to get to know people and make them feel welcome and part of the team.  

For me all of the above sets Mullis & Peake apart from many other workplaces. The positive and motivated working environment means that I am always happy to come to work and as a trainee it is important to have support systems in place to allow you to develop and become an asset to the team.  

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