From Theory to Reality, Part One

Guest blog by Summer Gibb, Mullis & Peake LLP’s work experience student.

After recently graduating from the University of Kent, and due to start my LPC at the University of Law (Moorgate) in September, I have found myself in a limbo between theory and reality, with the end goal in becoming a solicitor now seems all too real, and fast approaching.  

At the beginning of my final year at University the ‘Kent Law School Mentoring Scheme’ was advertised. In essence it acted as a help-line between the alumni of the University who were now practicing, and the final year law students. The alumni and students were matched on the grounds of mutual locations, professional goals or preferred practice areas.  

After being matched on the scheme with Hollie Wright in commercial litigation in Mullis & Peake LLP, we began to exchange emails about certain questions and queries that I had about coming to the end of my University career. I found speaking to Hollie very useful as I was never made to feel like I was asking a silly question, my worries were understood, and was always given great advice whether it be from professional or personal experience. In particular, Hollie recommended that I set up a LinkedIn account as a way to keep in contact and widen my professional network. Since then I have used this account regularly and found it a great way to keep updated with my connections news and publications.  

Around January, Hollie asked if I would like to do two weeks work experience during the summer break. My first week consisted of many introductions; to people, and to procedures or processes that I had yet to learn about. The office environment was different to what I had previously experienced, but the department was very welcoming and always ready to help with something I did not understand. Within the first week I was given tasks such as preparing bundles for court, attending local business networking events, doing legal research for ongoing cases and writing about my experience so far on the firm’s blog!  

I feel even after one week to have gained a great insight into the daily lifestyle of a solicitor, and about the firm’s values and culture. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what next week holds!