A Message to a Future Trainee

I'm surprised say that I only have two weeks left as a trainee before I am admitted as a solicitor. This is a scary prospect and something I thought I would never achieve. At degree level it seemed so far away and even more so on the legal practice course.

As this will be my last ‘trainee' blog I thought I would give some tips to my successors:

  1. Don't make any assumptions about anything! Whether it's about your next seat or a client, expect the unexpected. You might love a type of work that you thought you would hate and vice versa.

  2. Grab every opportunity with both hands. I made an effort to get involved with various networking and firm events it helped build my confidence and helped create relationships with colleagues and clients.

  3. Ask lots of questions! A training contract is a valuable opportunity to learn new skills and build your knowledge in different areas of legal practice. Never be afraid to ask a question, you may think it's silly, but it's your learning opportunity. Just don't keep asking the same question! Anyone at Mullis & Peake will tell you that I ask lots of questions but it means that I am able to learn quicker and ultimately be of more assistance.

  4. Take something from every task. No matter how basic the task is, there is always something to take away from it. I started in the commercial property department and I was asked to draw up deed schedules. This meant I could look at the different documents and see what was involved with the various transactions. Ultimately it gave me a better understanding of that area of work.

  5. Write a trainee blog. This will allow you to put your experiences into writing which is useful to reflect on what you have achieved. I look back on my earlier blogs with fond memories of how it felt to be doing something new and exciting. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing the ‘trainee’ blog, but I am now looking forward to the new challenges that qualification will bring.

See you on the other side!