Moving seats and networking skills

I am nearly six months into my training contract and it is almost time to move to my next seat. I have always worked in litigation so I am looking forward to trying something different and learning new skills and a new area of law. It has yet to be determined what department I will be moving to but all of the departments within the firm are well-established and I am sure I will gain excellent experience wherever I move to.

Even though I have a lot of experience in litigation I am still learning new things on a daily basis; and not just legal knowledge. One of the most important activities for lawyers to get involved with is networking and it is a key focus for Mulls & Peake. Networking is essential for businesses in order to obtain new work/new clients and/or maintain relationships with existing clients.  

My first networking event for Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors' was Havering Young Professionals Network. This is an evening event organised by Mullis & Peake, Haines Watts Accountants and Evans Insurance, which takes place every month and is catered for young professionals in the borough. There is free food and drink and usually there is a guest speaker to give a presentation on a current issue or topic.  

 I was really nervous before my first event, as I was unsure how to approach people and what to say but everyone there was really friendly and approachable. Everybody is in the same position so happy to talk to you. The best approach is to just be yourself and talk as you would normally to your friends or colleagues. I now attend this event every month and the more I go the easier it gets. It is also great to see the same faces returning to the event each month as it no longer feels like a work event but a catch up with friends.  
I was invited to a lunch event by one of the firm’s commercial clients a few weeks ago. I knew it would be completely different to Havering Young Professionals because of the type of work the client undertook and the fact it would be a much older clientele attending. I did not let that phase me and I was able to transfer my networking skills and talk to a wide range of people and I actually really enjoyed the event. I now really look forward to networking events and hope to participate in as many as I can going forward.