Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process which can be used by a couple who is separating or going through a divorce/dissolution of civil partnership, to resolve disputes between them. Almost any issue can be resolved via mediation, but it is most commonly used in connection with disputes concerning children, and property and financial matters.

Many couples find that mediation is a more appropriate way of resolving these issues than litigation, and it can also be quicker and cheaper.

Both parties must be willing to engage in mediation. The structured process begins with a referral to family mediation, after which mediation packs, including a Mediation Information Form, are sent out to both parties. Often one person is keener to try mediation than the other, and Jessica is often able to engage the second party in the process once she has assured them of her impartiality and allayed any fears they may have regarding the process.

Family mediation is not suitable in all cases (particularly those involving domestic violence). Where it is appropriate, Jessica can work closely with clients to find a cost-effective, confidential and tailored solution which may avoid the financial and emotional stresses of the court process.