​Guide to Contesting a Will

Mullis & Peake Contesting a Will Cover

When there is a dispute over a will or someone is contesting a will, we can find ourselves in complicated situations in a time which is very difficult for any of us. This guide walks through all the details you need to know about contested wills and what you will need to do in the different circumstances.

The guide is:

  • Detailed: Everything you need to know about contesting a will
  • Simple: Each section will guide you through the different areas of contesting a will.
  • Expert: Written by our experts to give you a comprehensive overview of the process.

Sections of the guide:

  • On what ground can a will be contested?
  • What to do if a will has been lost, damaged or destroyed?
  • How can I obtain information about the drafting of a will?​
  • Is a promise or a gift made before death enforceable?
  • Can a gift made before death be challenged?


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