The Journey to Qualification

Having made it through the first year of my training contract I am now looking towards qualification as a fully-fledged solicitor. Providing everything goes smoothly, I will qualify in October 2016. 

In order to get to this point I have done a three year law degree, the Legal Practice Course and obtained a training contract. There is only one step left for me to complete: the Professional Skills Course. The PSC is the final, compulsory part of training before qualification. The PSC focuses on life in practice. You have to complete three core modules and four days of elective modules. 

The core modules are compulsory and I have been getting on with these already. I recently attended ‘Advocacy and Communication Skills’ which I thoroughly enjoyed. It reiterated the skills I learnt on the LPC and have been putting into practice during my training contract. The 3-day course concentrated on advocacy skills which, if you read my last blog, are particularly relevant to me at the moment. 

Although the course focused predominantly on advocacy, it also touched on the importance of factual analysis of a case. This tactical approach is something I will apply to many of the files that I am currently working on and I hope may promote a successful outcome. 

In essence, completing a training contract is just what it says on the tin: training. I am always learning new skills and the PSC is helping me to further grasp on what is required from a solicitor working within a busy law firm and in particular, managing the transition from academic study to practical application. 

The PSC and the training I am receiving at Mullis & Peake are extremely valuable to me as I begin to shape my career as solicitor. A colleague recently called me a sponge, which I think quite accurately describes the role of a trainee: learning and developing as much as possible. Although as it happens, I never actually thought I would have appreciated being called a sponge!