Dealing with difficult situations

Not every transaction in practice goes as smoothly as you would perhaps like and as solicitors we have to be adaptable to changes in client instructions and be able to deal with third parties to the transaction such as agents.

In order to maintain a good working relationship with your client and achieve their goals you must be able to deal with difficult situations professionally and efficiently. This is additional to having the legal know-how. It is about being a good communicator, commercially aware and sometimes thinking outside of the box to solve a problem.  

I believe that working in retail whilst I was studying has given me some of the skills that are required to effectively deal with the various situations that may arise in even the simplest of transactions. I frequently came across customers that either needed help with a problem or had a complaint. By dealing with these issues I have developed transferable skills such as good communication, customer care, and problem solving skills, which are all useful in my current role as a trainee solicitor.  

Although I mainly assist other fee earners I still have client contact and at this stage in my training contract I am being given more responsibility. Whilst I am gaining in confidence I do believe that in difficult situations it is best to take advice from your training supervisor at the outset. They have a wealth of experience and will be able to suggest the most appropriate way of dealing with the matter.  

Ultimately a training supervisor is there to support you and provide guidance until the very end and anything that I learn now I will be able to use in the future. The next difficult situation is probably only around the corner!