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What happens when someone dies without a Will

Intestacy is when a person dies without a Will. The ‘rules of intestacy’ set out who can inherit what proportion of the estate. However, these rules may not fully reflect the deceased’s wishes or personal relationships.

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Those entitled to inherit under the intestacy rules include a spouse, civil partner and children. The rules also provide for parents and siblings to inherit where there is no surviving spouse, civil partner or children.  Currently there is no provision in the rules for unmarried cohabiting couples.

The rules of intestacy make no provision for unmarried partners and do not take into account any promises the deceased might have made in their lifetime.

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  • Disputes over who should administer the estate
  • The unmarried partner of the deceased hasn’t been provided for
  • A child or dependant has not been reasonably provided for
  • An estranged spouse has inherited the estate or a part of it

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