Family and Divorce Law

Supporting a client through domestic violence and Children Act Proceedings

Helping a vulnerable client with the immediate return of her children

02 Mar 2022

Team name
Jessica Thrower

Helping a vulnerable client with the immediate return of her children

This client sought emergency advice due to her ex-partner becoming abusive towards her and retaining the parties’ two young sons when she decided to end their relationship.  The children were not safe in the care of their father, who was only holding them maliciously in order to cause upset to our client.  We were able to obtain an emergency order for the immediate return of the children.  Once the children were safely in their mother’s care this enabled us to then deal with Children Act Proceedings in the usual way and to agree safe living arrangements with our client, and them spending time with their father at specified times.  This client had learning difficulties and was particularly vulnerable and so required a great deal of support through the process.

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