Contested Wills & Application for Financial Provision

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things any of us have to go through. The grieving process can be made all the more difficult when there is a dispute over a Will or someone is contesting a Will.

However, record numbers of inheritance disputes are going through the courts as modern family structures and rising house prices push more families to contest unfavourable outcomes.  The law in this area is complex, and a will can be contested by a wide range of people. Each case will be considered on its own individual facts. However, people that may contest a will include:

  • Beneficiaries.
  • Individuals or organisations promised an inheritance.
  • Individuals or organisations who have been disinherited.
  • Other third parties affected by the present will or a previous will.
  • Individuals who are or were related to the Deceased or who were dependant upon the Deceased.

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